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Radon Reduction Systems

Radon reduction systems can be installed in an attic or throughout the exterior of a home. Both options will reduce radon gas levels effectively. In the United States, radon reduction systems are commonly installed in the exterior, but attic installation is recommended as well because it offers several useful benefits.

Active (fan assisted) radon mitigation systems can reduce the radon gas entry by as much as 99%.  A qualified radon contractor (also known as a radon mitigator or radon remediation specialist) can typically install a mitigation system in a home in less than a day.  After the system is installed, the radon levels begin to drop almost immediately.  Passive radon reduction techniques (such as sealing cracks or installing pipes without an inline fan) are rarely effective at reducing radon levels.  The reason that these "passive" techniques are ineffective is because radon gas is under pressure and must escape from the ground.  It is a very inert, un-reactive gas that can be drawn up through the pours of concrete, around drains, utility penetrations, or expansion joints.  Attempting to "seal out" radon is similar to trying to keep water out of a basement by painting the walls and floor with waterproofing paint.  It may work temporarily if the problem is minor, but it wouldn't keep standing water out.  The only way to fix a water problem is to redirect the water somewhere else before it enters the home.  The same principles apply to radon correction.  Sealing cracks and openings is part of the radon mitigation process; however this is to prevent the downward draw of conditioned air from the home and to improve the pressure field extension of the system below the slab.

Benefits of Installing a Radon Reduction System In the Attic

Hidden Radon System Components

Attic radon reduction systems do not use components that must be installed on the side of your home. Most of the components are hidden; the only component that is visible is the vent stack. The stack runs through the roof like a plumbing stack.

Better Protection from the Elements

Condensation is produced by the exhaust and suction pipes in radon reduction systems. The condensation can freeze in cold environments; when this happens, the radon vent fan will be affected. The fan for an attic radon reduction system is better protected from freezing weather.

The Fans and the Electrical Components Are Not Within reach the fan and electrical components for attic systems are installed in the attic. This is a huge benefit because the components are not accessible to kids.

Attic Radon Reduction Systems Provide Quieter Operation

Radon reduction systems that are installed in the exterior operate quietly, but attic radon reduction systems do not produce any noticeable noises.

System Performance Features

Radon reduction systems for an attic are usually routed through a garage; by using this installation method, an installer can place the performance gauge in the garage. As a result, each time you enter your garage, you can ensure that your system is functioning.

Attic Radon Reduction Systems Increase a Home's Resale Value a radon reduction system that is installed in an attic is more appealing to potential buyers because it is not noticeable outside of the home.


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