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Radon Removal Systems

Radon Removal Systems has been in business since 1986 and specializes in ensuring the safety of your home. Radon Removal Systems was created shortly after a case in which the Environmental Protection Agency discovered radon levels so high in one family's basement that it was found to be the equivalent of them smoking at least 135 cigarettes a day.
Radon Removal Systems has made it their mission "to use our experience in residential ventilation to provide the service and products which will help ensure the health of the homes and the families we serve by controlling soil gas infiltration, moisture, and ventilation." And Radon Removal Systems backs its work with a comprehensive warranty.

What is Radon?

Radon is a gas that is formed by the process of soil decaying. It is very light and easily rises up through the porous foundations of a dwelling. Radon Removal Systems have access to studies showing that over time dust particles attach to the gas and it is breathed into the nostrils or mouth, causing increasing irritation to the lungs.

How Radon Removal Systems can help?

Radon Removal Systems uses a process called mitigation to rid your home of high levels of radon gas. This process involves Radon Removal Systems running a small vacuum-like tube from the foundation of the house to the outside of the top of the home. Because radon is a naturally-occurring gas, its formation cannot be completely stopped. Radon Removal Systems works to prevent it from negatively affecting your home's air quality.

Radon Removal Systems uses a tube that pulls the gas from the soil and funnels it upward. By dispersing it outside through the roof, Radon Removal Systems prevents it from spreading through the living quarters. Radon Removal Systems contains and guides the gas safely out of the home.



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